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Hearts & Arrows

by Nowherebound

The Processional (Intro) And as we gather here tonight, Whoa-oh-oh! Here on the stage, under these lights, We’ll lend our voices to the fight, Whoa-oh-oh! We’re arm and arm and we’re united (you know). Whoa-oh-oh! So raise those glasses with your crew, Whoa-oh-oh! And raise your fists and voices too. Whoa-oh-oh! These songs are written out to you. Whoa-oh-oh! So please sing on, please stay TRUE!
The Cursed 03:20
The Cursed Just finished off my last cigarette Still got a long, long way to go And the burden of all my regrets Left on stage at last night’s show Try to put out the fire that’s been burnin’ in my head Another consequence suffered for drinkin’ with the dead The hangover and hunger, they remind me of my sins But I damn well know tomorrow, I’ll be doin’ it again… We’re all scarred, but not broken Raise our fists up to the sky and let our souls sing out For the cursed, and the hopeless Tonight belongs to us until they shut us down again. Swervin’ down the road less traveled I might look lost but I got friends And all my heartstrings unravel as the noose tightens again… livin’ life through tinted windows and I’m thinkin’ bout my friends while my family turn to strangers on the road that never ends so fill my empty cup from the fountain of youth yell out another song while the strings sing outta tune…
Troubadours 03:41
Troubadours Well Disaster hit the highways with his brother and a bus To the northwest, where they’d “Paint It Black,” like a red door for two punks When they got there, it kept raining, and Portland was a bust, So they moved on down the highway for a town that they could trust. But L.A. wasn’t happening, had to pay to park ‘the squat,’ So they rolled it down to Austin, found a friendly parking lot, Got a job working the door, at a big box music shop, With Brady, Josh and Sean, and a brother named Rob. Here’s to you troubadours who age with each refrain, All those collecting scars, from this side of the stage, Who bleed hurt like open sores from hearts that won’t be tamed… So raise one for…. The troubadours. Well Rob came off a ‘Losing Streak,’ while Natch kept smelling hate In a scene that once embraced them, that now just looked away from songs born from the hearts of its ill-forgotten saints So they moved on down to Austin in search of better days While Rob and Natch waged rock-n-roll on garages in S.A., ‘The King and I,’ cruised Cadillac’s ‘til the engines just gave way But we’d all find hope together in the fires of yesterday In a punk rock song that came about 20 years too late… So hit the switch, and strike the chord, I need to feel alive I’ve been low, and I’ve been beaten by the idle by and by, But I’m rested and I’m hungry now for one last slice of pie, So gimme all you got, crank the volume to the sky Here’s to adoptive families, to this brotherhood of chance This gypsy life, the normals will not ever understand So onward through the fog ‘til the wheels fall off the van, I’ve got one or two more rounds before I return to the sand
The Garden 02:54
The Garden Dear holy father, seems you've left us in a lurch? All the hypocrites keep gathering in the cistern of the church, While the multitudes slay sinners With the script, just like rehearsed. The Prince of Peace, now spokesman for this golden age of war, While angels loose the bombs upon the starving and the poor, And the modern-day crusaders, Meet the cynic with the sword. If you don’t believe in heaven, just prepare yourself for hell, Playing ‘Ring Around the Rosie,’ with the rest of those who fell But If you love to hate your neighbor, you can hop into the pew, The priest will sing his sermon, casting stones at me and you. But, fear not you godless sinners, for forgiveness is still free, Just submit yourself completely, once upon surrendered knee. Now onward Christian Soldier, before heathens storm the gate With a homosexual army, and an atheist brigade. Dear men of learning, seems your science is the lie, The talking snake who tempts us, to ignore all of the signs, Evolution isn’t selling, How ‘bout ‘Intelligent’ design? Dear homosexual, here’s a ticket straight to hell, And don’t dare mixing fabrics, or you’ll join them there as well, But they will be serving bacon, And oysters from the shell.
Burnt Out Stars They all say she’s shy and quiet, But she’s screaming from inside… Still shackled to those memories sewn from all the ties that bind And that sweet scent of her sentiment is slowly turning sour And her poor heart just keeps crumbling, one more piece to be devoured And those stars keep burnin’ out…with every wish spewed from her mouth And her child-like inner beauty hides the scars you’ll never see… She screams in whispers as the world falls back to sleep. As tailor to her failures, she’s stitching up a storm Her future freshly sutured, as she sheds the past she’d worn She’ll just wait for one more Romeo to sweep her off her feet Though deep down, she just knows he’ll be another she won’t keep Her reflection’s stare keeps hardening, But she doesn’t care to mind The dice are getting loaded with the boys with lying eyes But her beaten heart keeps ticking, Like the clock keeps wasting time on goodbyes
Nothing But Good To You Well I gave my heart to you, then you beat it black and blue.  When I’ve been nothing but good to you.  Well, thank the gods it’s over, couldn’t carry on much longer,  Trying to keep it all from dying, stem the bleeding, stop the heart,  Tired of waking up in panicked fits, to fix it all and can it be?  I held it all together just to watch it fall apart.  I zealously made love the god I prayed to,  And jealousy and heresy betrayed you,  I’d open up the hymnal and then fall out of the pew,  When you wouldn’t even share your point of view.  You took my love and with a “thanks” you treat me like you do  When I’ve been nothing but good to you.  Tired of waking in the middle, tired of listening to a liar,  Tired of dealing with the bullshit after putting out the fires,  Tired of being sold your healing and your “wildness” and your magic,  And your endless love that ended about the time the next thing came.  But it’s not from lack of trying that we made it here.  And if that needs clarifying let me make it clear,  If it wasn’t for your lying, then my love that was undying,  Wouldn’t be buried and gone within the year.  Well a perfect chord’s a triad, but what if it falls out of tune?  I’ve been nothing but good to you.  Well you hid your love inside a heart I couldn’t break into,  I’ve been nothing but good to you.  But it’s not from lack of trying that we made it here.  And if that needs clarifying let me make it clear,  If it wasn’t for your lying, then my love that was couldn’t die,  would still be alive and well saying “no hard feelings”...  But my last memory of us was of our last rendezvous  So I’ll have nothing to do with you.  When I gave you all my heart and then you slapped it black and blue,  When I’ve been nothing but good to you. 
Carry On 03:12
Carry On To you Devils born of whiskey, To you angels left to watch Well the genie left the bottle, And tonight he's pouring scotch He'll grant a wish for a few dollars, A few for a few more, You won't wish alone To you cynics born of romance, Hiding from your gods, Wearing talismans of past sins, Trying to navigate the fog, Just follow pieces of your broken hearts To these busted barstools, I'll take you home Carry on, carry on, carry on... From the top of the bottle, Till the end of the song, If you don't have the words, You don't have to sing along, Just carry on. To you Caesar's of the days Who fill a stein each night, To you Philistines who ponder If this whiskey's worth the fight? But, “Whatever doesn't kill you…” Were Neitze’s last words On his way to fly To you Kerouacs and travelers Sipping pints of wanderlust, To the last of you Mohicans Wearing studs now wearing rust, Let's raise a glass up, in remembrance Of our 'Death or Glory' days, and Sal Paradise So Carry on, Carry on, Carry on We'll turn up the volume Once the fat lady's gone She'll sing her tired tune, Then we'll sing a few more songs Just carry on. Leave the graveyards to the sailors, Leave the heavens to the saints, Leave the haunting to the ghosts of all the ones that got away, And all you Caulfield’s still beholden To the rye fields and the fakes, Please Carry on…
Hearts & Arrows It’s your heart, not the arrows It’s your back, not the blade It’s your will, not its power That will live for today Said a no-good raspy rummy here…sitting next to me You can love one and others, You can wander with none, You can raise up your voice, You can swallow your tongue. Said the manic, up and downer here…too stoned for all to see Well you can win or you can lose it all each deal While sticks and stones carve scars that one day heal We can choose to lose our hearts To the arrows and the darts Or let ‘em take their beating… And beat right back to the start. We can all kill each other We can all live in peace Succumb to war’s sickness Or cure the disease Said an armchair politician…to his teleprompt TV Be Kane or be Abel Rob Peter for Paul In this Garden of Eden You can’t save them all Said a pragmatic preacher…to his existential sheep
Stop! 03:28
Stop! So what’s the point of this? You left before the goodbye kiss… (An Army of Two, now just an enemy to one) Said it’s all the yesterdays that hurt, today just isn’t worth the words… (Let’s blow this bridge, send it up in 3, 2, 1…) It never stops… Well I want off… Cause we got lost… The ‘X’ now crossed. I used to sing the blues, but you’d stir me up, remix the hues (Until the colors just got dazed and confused) So if we ever dance again, hope it’s with Regina and a friend… (‘til then it’s just goodbye’s, and I love you’s) It never stops… And She wants off… Now all is lost… Just give me everything, I’ll eat the sin and set you free, Free from your gilded cage, I’ll melt it down, appraise the weight Sell off those yesterdays, the ones that took so much more than they gave… Just let it go….Just let me go… Stop! Hope life still smiles upon you friend, leaves no regrets for ‘might’ve been’s.’ (Said I’d love you big ‘til you said, “Stop.”)
War 02:25
War Lift off, re-ignition, Hit pause, then cue the cynic, This revolution’s on TV… While these streets still tease the homeless Your god’s still homophobic, This armageddon’s yours to wage… War… And oblivion! War… Oblivion…. War!!!!!! Dead kids, well-armed parents, Defend a dead amendment Well, here’s your rifle, how’s your aim? For U.S.Assassination, On RealiTV nation… Your demigod just took the stage… Welcome to your oblivion, Enjoy! Your War! A World where the gods murder their young Your Faith, Restored! Construct more coffins for our sons, Board by board… What for? War….
Those Were The Days Well I’m a B-side balladeer, Brought lyric sheets to tears, So keep your distance, or you’ll wind up in the song. And those who got too close, ended up chasing after ghosts, while I ‘wrote’ only in tenses past the wrongs. We’ve sung the songs of teenage kicks, Of broken hearts, and politics, While burning every bridge We meant to cross. Too many funerals, and fallen stars, And back-up plans killed, playing bars Of notes, and scraps, of everything We’ve lost. I wrote so many songs to change the world, Though when I strum those rusty chords, they make me just feel old. And when she’s here, she’s my favorite girl. But a muse can only stay until the fireplace gets cold. But all you beautiful losers, all you Punch-drunk dreamers, You are the friend, you are the heart, you are the muse… So let’s sing imagined ‘glory days,’ Lament the lost along the way, All the hearts and all the chords, we did abuse… Those were the days. Well a phoenix killed poor Icarus, He got so close, then bit the dust While the desert swallowed hearts, Like the sands do time But I loved her in those platinum curls, A beauty mark of stainless steel, And a smile that said, “I love you, Nevermind.” When it rains well I swear it pours. Writing songs that break the levy down and drown us in the flood. And when it’s dry well it’s such a chore, Praying to the gods to smash the dam and squeeze the stone for blood. But all you beautiful losers, all you Punch-drunk dreamers, You are the friend, you are the heart, you are the muse… So let’s sing imagined ‘glory days,’ Lament the lost along the way, All the hearts and all the chords, we did abuse… Those were the days.
Red River & 8th Well Biram played the blues, In the empty front room, On the barside at the fly… While the outside stage would serranade the night And the hot dog king, Played our records on repeat, On the trailer stereo, When the river still reaked of booze and rock n roll So drop me any place, Down Red River & 8th, Have a pint at Bull’s, then send me on my way…out/down/home And all the 7th Street punks, Dodged the junkies and the drunks On their way down to the show, Another ‘Beerland’ bill, served up with something cold And the ‘Headhunter’ crew Always let us act the fool, With Huey at the door, Had a drink with the roaches and the friends who just got old When it’s time to go, I’ll stumble home alone, Maybe I won’t make it home at all. But I ain’t leaving yet, I still got money left. We still got a long way to go. So drop me any place Down Red River & 8th, Got some money in my pocket and tonight I need my friends Just drop me any place Down Red River & 8th, I’ll journey to ‘Valhalla’ til night’s end
78702 01:34
78702 Remember Clarksville? In 1928, Austin mapped a “section” for minorities to concentrate. And in Wheatsville, rich men saw dollar bills, And promptly bought into a plan to steal up all the real estate. And all the highways ripped right through, Communities and neighborhoods, The ISD closed down their schools. If you want an education then you’ll have to move. Hey you, 78702! The pushed me to the Eastside, When they took away my home. Hey you, 78702! By making my own property impossible to own. Now down on Cesar Chavez, way up to MLK, Piñata stores are leveled, and culture cleared away. Rich boys with Daddy’s fortune, line up to stake their claim. This city’s segregated, especially today. It’s unaffordable and they fucking know this. That’s the way they wage their war… and get away with it. …And all our houses, torn down for mixed use. And you won’t give a fuck, until they come to fix you. Hey you, 78702! The Eastside of this motherfucking city is my home. Hey you, 78702! They’re trying to push us out but there ain’t no Motherfucking place to go.
One Last Shot Well the lion at the table claims his share’s feeling a little south of low, And the piper there, beside him stares, with open hands, waiting for the dough… But a glass house starts to feel like home So I’ll bear it out or die alone But tonight I’ll sleep with dreams of open roads… Just gimme one last shot, Choking on fumes, But if it’s all we got… Ain’t much to lose. Gimme one last stage, Before tomorrow, Gimme one last day, Before we fade away… Play this symphony on black-heartstrings, it’s best when it’s a little out of tune. Cause redemption songs aren’t born out of the cool…but of the blues
Hate City, USA Now you’re dead. The day’s letter red. I can do without that fucking sickness in your head. (And I said) Now you’re dead. The hatred that you spread, The world can do without that fucking sickness in your head. Who’s talking shit now with your head all full of violence? Fucking feeding your aggression, Wondering who is going to buy this? (Your) sick disposition got you losing more of life now. (Your) head’s all full of nothing and it’s time to turn the lights out. Racist motherfucker, find it easier to hate. Cuz it takes some understanding and a good mind to relate. So you hide behind your stripes and stars, And talk about your pride. Well, pride it comes before a fall, you lose it when you die. Now you’re dead, the day’s letter red. I can do without that fucking sickness in your head. (And I said) Now you’re dead, hatred that you spread, The world can do without that fucking sickness in your head. 2016’s got your madness to your method, Fucking sitting on your sofa just a’waiting for the death hit. Saying words like “faggot” right in front of your own children. By teaching those young minds to hate, It’s society that you’re hindering. WE ALL LIVE IN THE USA! We have the right to free speech, have the right to our say, Have the right to love different, have the right to go pray, Have the right to believe that there’s gotta be another way.
Benediction Verse: We’re born into a world of blatant violence, Justified by justice, tribe, and faith. We try our damnedest to divide us. We loathe our differences; we teach our hearts to hate. I’ve been around and I have seen such pain. Seen our anguish and our supplications offered up above. But once we see that we are all the same, Fear can’t stand a chance in the presence of our love. Outro: So as we sing our final tune, Whoa-oh-oh! We’ll offer hearts and gratitude, Whoa-oh-oh! This voice will rise and fall with you, Whoa-oh-oh! ‘Cause you sang on and you stayed true. Whoa-oh-oh! So one last time your voices lend, Whoa-oh-oh! For one last anthem at the end, Whoa-oh-oh! We’ll meet as strangers, parts as friends. Whoa-oh-oh! Until we see you all AGAIN! Whoa-oh-oh!
Outta Beer I’m outta beer again, and I ain’t got no friends. I’m going to the store, just to steal some more. I saw you buying rice. I thought your ass looked nice. Maybe with a little luck, we’ll go home and fuck. Whoa. Why can’t we just go home and fuck? We started doing shots. The more I drank, the hotter you got. You took me to you bed, but I just got sick instead. While I was throwing up, you held my Mohawk up. I’ve never been in love, and I just wanna fuck. Whoa. Why can’t we just go home and fuck? I had too much to drink. I took a piss in your sink. And then I hit the floor, and I don’t remember no more. Maybe I’ll see you again, over there on aisle 10, And with a little luck, we’ll actually get to fuck. Whoa. Why can’t we just go home and fuck?


Nowherebound's fifth studio album "Hearts & Arrows" was touted on their IndieGoGo Campaign as being their greatest and most ambitious album to date. After a wildly successful fully fan-funded crowdfunding campaign, a grueling month of recording, an intense mixing and mastering session, and many late nights and early mornings of art and design, Nowherebound tries to make good on that statement by proudly presenting this 17 song offering for the summer of 2016.

Following on the heels of last year's softer offering "All We Got is Everything to Lose", Nowherebound's "Hearts & Arrows" is a much harder, straight-up punk rock record. It's loud, it's big, it's huge yet still manages to incorporate the familiar anthemic punk-folk elements that have defined Nowherebound's sound over the last 6 years.


released August 23, 2016

Nowherebound is:
Chris Klinck - Vocals
Natchet Taylor - Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals
Dylan Karn - Guitars, Vocals
Clint Baker - Bass, Bells, Vocals
Rob Williamson - Drums, Vocals
John MacLean - Piano and Organ

All songs written by Nowherebound
Produced by Nowherebound and Ryan Wilson

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Wilson at Silverjacket Audio
Audio/Layout by Clint Baker at Heartbrake Studios.

Album Artwork and Design by Chris Klinck at CK Graphics.


all rights reserved



Nowherebound Austin, Texas

Musical magnets for each other, this punk rock band ignited in 2010. They sing to you all over the world but always return home to their roots in Austin, Texas. Featuring members of Born To Lose and New Disaster, Nowherebound integrates traditional punk with rock and roll while weaving in threads of gritty country and folk. ... more

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